FatRat uses the CMake build system, just like KDE 4.

An example compilation procedure (see the list of all available features in the tables below):

make install 

The prefix can be changed to /usr using -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr.
It is very important not to have debug version of Rasterbar libtorrent installed. Runtime glibc crashes are likely to happen otherwise.

CPU usage too high? Try decreasing the GUI refresh frequency in Settings. Gloox is also another cause of CPU usage, which will appear as 'system' - disconnect FatRat from Jabber to make it stop. The last option is to disable BitTorrent DHT support.

The 1.2.0_beta2 feature matrix

This version requires Qt 4.5, although it may work with older versions, too.

Feature name Switch Dependencies
Translations WITH_NLS ---
HTTP(S)/FTP(S)/SFTP* support WITH_CURL libcurl 7.18.2, Linux 2.6.2 or newer
BitTorrent support WITH_BITTORRENT Rasterbar libtorrent 0.16.0, ASIO, QtWebKit
Jabber remote control WITH_JABBER gloox >= 0.9
Documentation (also available online) WITH_DOCUMENTATION QtHelp
Web interface WITH_WEBINTERFACE libpion-net, Linux 2.5.66 or newer
Java plugins WITH_JPLUGINS Java Development Kit 1.6

*) The support for SFTP is currently defunct due to a libcurl bug.