Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I add a transfer, I get a "Couldn't autodetect transfer type" error. What to do?
A: You have compiled FatRat without enabling any of its supported transfer types. Check the Installation page for all available CMake switches. Most people will want WITH_CURL set to On.
Q: My BitTorrent download fails with an unknown error (huge number) after running for a few seconds. How to fix it?
A: Go to BitTorrent settings and change the file allocation mode from Full to Sparse. This bug is something I cannot fix.
Q: I have installed a new version of libtorrent and FatRat doesn't download anything and/or crashes. Fix it!
A: Please recompile FatRat against the newly installed libtorrent before reporting bugs. Libtorrent's API/ABI tends to change frequently and even between minor versions.
Q: Will there be a Windows version?
A: No.
Q: Can I run FatRat on my server?
A: Yes you can, however you will still need to have X11 and Qt libraries installed, even though you don't need to have an X11 Server running for FatRat to work. To run FatRat in headless mode, use the -n (--nogui) switch. But first you certainly need to have FatRat compiled with the web interface or Jabber support enabled.
Q: How to configure FatRat on my server?
A: You can use fatrat-conf to set configuration values from the console. The rest can be done through the web interface (this is work in progress in Git!). This is how you can enable the web interface, set the port and change the default password:
fatrat-conf -w remote/enable=true remote/port=PORT remote/password=PASSWORD
Now start FatRat, launch the web browser and navigate to http://SERVER:PORT. You can generate the SSL certificate and switch to HTTPS mode from the web interface.
Q: FatRat is great, but it should support more file sharing services...
A: It hopefully will, but these services change too fast for FatRat's release cycle. JDownloader plugin integeration support has been considered and even tested, but will require a lot of hard work that may not really pay off at the end of the day.
As there is a high demand for the "" service and there is a reliable way to workaround the captcha, rejoice, a plugin is in the works.
Q: What about segmentation support?
A: The support is underway.
Q: How to use the D-Bus interface?
A: Example: dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=info.dolezel.fatrat / info.dolezel.fatrat.addTransfers string:http://something