Browser Integration

Browser integration enables you to download all the stuff you want easly while browsing the web. No need to copy-paste any more! Below find the list of supported browsers or browsers that are slated to receive support.

Mozilla Firefox / Iceweasel

The FlashGot extension supports FatRat since v1.2.5. Just specify FatRat as your default download manager.

Firefox - FatRat integration

Google Chrome / Chromium

An official extension is available. The extension is architecture dependent, because it contains an NPAPI plugin. The source code is available in a Git repository.

As a special feature, the extension is now able to detect any open tabs with FatRat's new AJAX web interface. You can use the context menu to pass any links you wish to download to any open web interfaces as easily as if it were an instance of FatRat running on your computer.

Chrome - FatRat integration Chrome - FatRat integration


An extension for Opera 11+ is in planning. Stay tuned.